Optional Devices » RC-125 REMOTE CONTROL


  1. Transmitter is 20 bit digital code that is much safety and use fix-frequency component to transmit signal. The frequency of transmitter won't be affected by battery consumption and outside environment
  2. Wireless receiver use super-heterodyne from U.S.A. The receiver is stably, anti-interference, no extra-wave
  3. Control unit is 8 bit single chip. The order is accurate and action is correct



  1. Receiver: Power supply: DC 7V – DC 14V (Standard: DC 12V)

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Stand by power consumption: About 6mA(12V)

Max output: 30mA

  1. Transmitters: Power supply: GP27A(12V)

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Power consumption during operation: About 9mA (12V)

Stand by power consumption: 1uA

Transmit power: About 15db