PVC Fire Rated Rapid Roller Shutter


  • High rigidity structure design & smooth operation
  • Aesthetic elegance, electrostatic powder paint for whole body
  • Built-in reducer motor directly drive, high efficiency and save space
  • Low noise, superior performance, long life, no pollution
  • PLC+Terminal Block+Inverter Module Design, speed is adjstable.
  • Setting & malfunction display available, user friendly & very easy to operate
  • Encoder is used for positioning, upper limit position & lower limit position are adjustable
  • Setting & Maintenance are both easy, no Aloft Work is needed
  • Infrared Ray or Radar Sensor is equipped therefore operation will not be influenced by temperature, humidity and noise
  • Safety Beam on Pillar at front door (mirror type): when there is obstacle, door leave will stop, reverse & rise immediately
  • Able to connect with computer or connect with interlock to control entrance/ exit (such as logistics automated warehouse conveying equipment


1. Anti dust and insects
2. Decrease noise
3. Prevent leakage of air conditioning/ heat
4. Barrier of positive & negative pressure
5. Rapid entrance control
6. Provides a high level of security, as well as insulation
Ideal for air conditioning factories, clean rooms, electronic factories, logistics automated warehouses, 
large scale shopping malls, refrigerated warehouses, medical factories, food factories, chemical factories, 
plastic molding factories... etc.
We offer customized solutions!